Startup and Growth Companies

We know which types of legal help startup entrepreneurs require. We will set up the foundations for your business so that you can concentrate on building your success.

A startup entrepreneur needs support from a specialist who understands the challenges of the early stage. We have solid experience in working with startup and growth entrepreneurs, so you are in good hands with us. Our fixed-price service packages and other services offer options for all startups.

Lexia Growth Program supports your growth as an entrepreneur

Lexia Growth Program offers services for startups and growth companies, such as ready-made contract ranges for a fixed price or legal advice for a monthly fee.

In our seminars and workshops, we review intellectual property rights, financing law and company law and help our clients to network.

Our networks offer advice directly from Silicon Valley

Access Silicon Valley is a virtual bridge to Silicon Valley, California, and we are the organisation’s partner in Finland. The global community includes dozens of cities and its popularity is constantly growing. Each year, we arrange numerous Live Viewing Party events directly from Silicon Valley, allowing successful entrepreneurs, financiers and experts to share their experience and lessons learned. In addition to distributing information, the aim is to introduce the members to important business angels, capital investors and serial entrepreneurs. We acts as a sponsor and partner to Access Silicon Valley in Finland. Bring your company to the next level!

Our services

  • Establishing a company
  • Drawing up the articles of association and other company documents
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Financing rounds and negotiations with venture capital investors
  • IPR
  • Advice for local and international distribution
  • Publishing contracts
  • Privacy policy
  • Incentive systems
  • Employment and management contracts

Our team

Markus Myhrberg and Juuso Turtiainen.

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