Corporate Advisory

The purpose of a company is to generate profits for the shareholders. We take this legal provision very literally when helping our clients to succeed.

Providing Corporate Advisory services requires us to know the client’s business. Therefore, the best results can be achieved by creating a long-standing partnership based on continuous service. Kotipizza and Axopar Boats are examples of our successful clients. Our lawyers participate in management group activities in both companies, creating a wide range of Corporate Advisory services.

Associations and foundations can also be successful

Even though associations and foundations are not aiming for profit, they can also be successful. Success means fluent and controlled operation, good reputation and functional relationships with other organisations.

We are an experienced partner for the establishment and management of associations and foundations. We understand taxation as well as relationships with interest groups and the public sector.

Transparency is of utmost importance in the operation of foundations and associations. It is required by the authorities, investors and donors alike. It ensures the legality and reliability of operations.

This is precisely what we offer to our clients: proactive overall management which ensures that the organisation can focus on its core activities.

Our services

  • Company law advisory and documentation
  • Corporate Governance
  • Fusions, divisions and other company type changes
  • Board meetings and shareholders’ meetings

Our team

Saara Ryhtä, Samuli Koskela, Mikko Räsänen, Lauri Oja, Kimmo Oila, Markus Myhrberg, Reima Raappana, Katariina Pesonen, Hanna Huttunen, Olli Kotila, Kimmo Suominen, Jaana Koukkari, Saku Knuuti, Samuli Lehtonen, Katriina Myllymäki, Frans Bergman, Marko Moilanen, Mikko Koskinen, Petra Petäjä, Ville Välimaa and Lotta Koskela.

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