Reima Raappana

Partner, Member of the board, Oulu

Contact Details

Tel: +358 20 778 9594

Mobile: +358 400 588 915

Email: [email protected]


I started working at Lexia as the head of the Oulu office in the autumn of 2021. Prior to that I have worked as an advocate for about 25 years in Oulu. I have been responsible for various aspects of business law in particular construction and condominiums, mergers and acquisitions and dispute resolution.

In addition to working as a advocate I have trained companies in corporate law, employment law and trade.

I am used to support corporate management in legal matters. At Lexia I want to assist and develop especially companies in Northern Finland by bringing our proficient and extensive resources and the benefits of digitalisation to our clients. 

In my opinion the advocate has only one function: the interest of the client. I consider this as my working guideline.

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