Data Protection

Requirements for data protection among companies have increased constantly, and the EU’s data protection regulation brought major changes. We can help your company be both transparent and trustworthy.

The EU’s data protection regulation and the Data Protection Act are important for the correct management of a company’s customer data and marketing activities. The EU’s data protection regulation applies to all organisations and its entry into force in 2018 brought major changes to the practices required from organisations and introduced new obligations.

Innovative utilisation of data

For years, we have helped our clients in matters related to data protection, and our services cover all aspects of data protection regulation. We can manage individual analysis projects and can also offer a comprehensive, continuous service where we can align data protection matters with the data protection regulation on a turn-key basis following an initial analysis. We can also provide a data protection officer, as required by the regulation, and link it to the client’s organisation.

Our services

  • Analysis of current state and development plan: the analysis allows us to identify the data protection risks of the business
  • Process development and documentation: proactive consideration of data protection in product and service development, preparing for leaks, checklists, document templates
  • Drawing up privacy policies and statements
  • Contracts: service and supplier contracts and other contracts related to the processing of personal data. We can also draw up the privacy protection appendices
  • Training: we can offer comprehensive training for the entire personnel or offer shorter bulletins on different data protection topics
  • Data Protection Officer support and Data Protection Help Desk

Our team

Markus Myhrberg, Erika Leinonen, Mikko Koskinen, Samuli Lehtonen and Petra Petäjä.

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