Sourcing and Outsourcing

In our view, contractual terms and conditions must be adapted to the needs and requirements of business enterprises – not the other way around. Our experienced experts combine legal matters with your business operations and avoid contracts that are disadvantageous for you. Taking us along in procurement or outsourcing processes ensures a successful outcome.

Procurement contracts provide the opportunity to ensure not only a competitive price but the uninterrupted continuation of critical operations for your company, as well as reducing other business-related risks. Through our experience, we know how to concentrate on the right things and make certain that the goals established remain pivotal throughout the negotiation process – right up to the signatures. We act equally for both the supplier and the purchasing party.

Our expertise on your side of the table

In preparing procurement contracts, we take as expansive a role as the customer wishes – no more, no less. In comprehensive projects, we already guarantee that the essential legal matters are taken into consideration during the competitive tendering process. A carefully realised competitive tendering process facilitates the general contractual negotiation stage. However, jurisprudence is not an absolute value; rather, value for the customer is comprised from bringing the contract into being on schedule as well as the business-related benefits.

We can act during contractual negotiations as a negotiator on behalf of the customer, or give support to procurement professionals and business representatives functioning in the background of the talks. We have abundant experience of both domestic and foreign negotiations and segment, from the business perspective, the essential entities and risks.

Know-how is necessary when outsourcing

In outsourcing, the customer’s skill in purchasing has decisive importance. We are involved in ensuring that customers get what they need, with good contractual terms and conditions.

Regardless of the size of the outsourcing project, it is always an effort for an enterprise, and for that reason it is good to have a partner along who knows the objectives and ensures their implementation. We take the project forward and generate the contractual documentation.

Outsourcing stages:

  • Preparation of competitive tendering
  • NDA (non-disclosure agreement)
  • RFI (request for information)
  • RFP (request for proposal)
  • Due diligence
  • Tender
  • Analysis of tenders
  • NegotiationTransition & Transformation
  • Contract renewal

Our services

Our services connected with procurement

  • Indirect procurement: Services enabling entrepreneurial activity such as marketing, HR and IT services
  • Direct procurement, including material, component and technological purchases
  • All areas of Indirect procurement
  • All outsourcing areas (BPO, ICT)
  • Data protection and regulation questions
  • Questions connected with the contract
  • Training for procurement personnel
  • Various contractual guides, in which the compromises have already been considered in ready form
  • Contractual negotiations and contract management

Services connected with outsourcing

  • Management of entire competitive tendering process
  • Contractual negotiations: We act as the customer’s negotiator or support the company’s own procurement professionals
  • Management of current supplier agreements
  • Preparation of contractual bases
  • We prepare tailored contractual bases for the use of the customer’s own experts and provide counselling in their use.

Our team

Markus Myhrberg and Saara Ryhtä.

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