Robin Eklund

Chief Data Officer, Associate, Helsinki

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Mobile: +358 50 494 8272

Email: [email protected]


I lead Lexia’s IT and technology development and I am a member of the executive committee. I ensure that Lexia is at the forefront of legal technology and uses the best tools for the job.

I am passionate about:

  • Leveraging cutting-edge technology tools, from general technology to specialized legal tech specific tools for our lawyers and clients.
  • Innovating and improving processes and practices with new tools, toys, and technologies that make a difference.
  • Making the world a better place step by step with the help of technology and data.

As CDO, I oversee five main functions / programs: Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, IT & Legal Technology, Knowledge Management, and Business Intelligence & Analytics.

Lately, I have been focusing on Business Intelligence & Analytics and Advanced Contract Analytics. Lexia has established a startup called Fuxia to invent and offer new ways for our clients to connect cutting-edge AI technologies and legal data together.

I am also a lawyer with expertise in technology, cybersecurity, AI, and data privacy related matters. I occasionally advise our clients with these issues and help them navigate the complex legal landscape.

Besides my work at Lexia, I have done multiple leisure time website projects, where I have gained hands-on experience with various technologies and platforms.

Co-chair of Meritas Global IT Group.

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