Insolvency and Restructuring

When a company encounters financial problems, it requires alternatives and decisions. We will help you find the right solution to a challenging situation.

We offer solutions for analysing opportunities to continue business, reorganising your business and preventing risks in advance. Our insolvency services include managing bankruptcy estates and company restructuring, supervising our clients’ receivables in case of bankruptcy and recovery matters, also in cases where our client is subject to recovery proceedings.

We have managed a large number of bankruptcy estates and acted as liquidators and supervisors in several company restructurings across different fields of business. As part of bankruptcy liquidation, we have sold off entire businesses in place of the traditional liquidation process. Our aim is to achieve overall success in liquidation, thereby creating the best possible end result for the creditors. We have managed extensive bankruptcy recovery processes and trials involving debtor offences.

A heavy process may lead to a new beginning

Successful company restructuring requires the receiver to have extensive expertise in different fields of business and the ability to make business profitable in the future. Our starting point is always that the business can be saved. Successful restructuring is the most sensible option for all parties involved. However, you need to act in time instead of trying to tackle your problems alone.

During restructuring, we will utilise our financing, taxation and corporate transaction experts in order to achieve the best possible end result. We will handle the restructuring in a positive manner and without any prejudice.

Our services


  • Voluntary debt restructuring
  • Business restructuring
  • Liquidation of unnecessary assets


  • Management of bankruptcy estates
  • Management of/responding to actions for recovery
  • Possible criminal trials related to the bankruptcy
  • Company reorganisation: acting as official receiver and supervisor
  • Company reorganisation applications and acting as the applicant’s representative during the later stages of the process
  • Voluntary company dissolution
  • Liquidation of pledged assets

Our team

Jari Maaranen, Ilmari Koch, Kari Koskinen, Reima Raappana, Erika Laurila and Kenneth Svartström.

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