Corporate debt restructuring

New life through a successful debt restructuring programme

The success of the restructuring was guaranteed by sufficiently early implementation, the commitment of the company’s management and the help of the new owners.

We helped our client with their restructuring after the company had accumulated a significant amount of debt due to fast expansion.

The company submitted an application for restructuring sufficiently early, allowing for a quick and smooth start to the restructuring process. The restructuring was made substantially easier by the efforts of the company’s management and the general will to find flexible ways to solve problems under a fast-paced schedule. The administrator assigned by Lexia decided to take quick action to connect significant investors to the restructuring process, ensuring funding for the duration of the proceedings and providing the restructuring with a smooth start.

The company’s own efforts and the well-based views of the managers were key to the successful preparation of the restructuring plan. By combining expertise with a clear objective and the positive ideas of the investors, we created a restructuring plan that was beneficial for all parties. Even more importantly, the plan was also feasible.

The starting point was that the restructuring debt was not cut; instead, the balance of the debt was paid during the programme by extending the term of payment. Thanks to strict financial discipline and business growth, the programme was a great success for the company.

The results were ideal for all parties involved; the new owners of the company paid off all restructuring debt with interest, allowing the restructuring process to be completed before the end of the programme.

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