Slush side event on 17 November 2022: Futuretastic!


Welcome to Lexia Attorneys’ official Slush side event on Thursday 17 November 2022 at 18-22.

Come grab a drink and a bite to eat whilst listening to our speakers giving their thoughts on investment rounds, what it takes to go global, what the future looks like for NFT and blockchain, Crypto, MiCA 2024 regulation and legislation aspects.

The evening will feature inspiring stories by Starship whose robots are revolutionizing food and package deliveries, Helsinki based game development studio Black Block and Estonian law firm Lextal.

Our event is free, but space is limited so register quickly to ensure your place! 

In addition to great stories and networking free legal tips, food, and drinks are available all night – Come and visit!

Thank you for your interest, but the event is now fully booked!

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