Dispute Resolution, Crime & Corporate Responsibilities

They are excellent in formulating answers and finding solutions and new point of views.

Disputes can be resolved effectively. For the best possible results, one should partner with external counsels who have a knack for solving conflicts in the best possible manner.

An amicable settlement is often the best solution. Good negotiating skills, situational awareness and a winning attitude are required to reach a good end result.

When an amicable settlement is not possible, external counsels with a winning attitude are needed to solve the situation and prevent new problems.

Right moves at right time

Our dispute resolution practice is known for its skills to find the right moves at the right time. A strategy for all conflicts will be chosen taking into account our client’s goals and the need to solve conflicts effectively.  We excel in mitigating the impacts of the conflicts on business, customer relationships, working environment and personal life.

Our dispute resolution practice has broad experience in dispute resolution and conflict management in all areas of business. We have represented clients in ordinary courts, administrative courts and market courts. In addition, our dispute resolution experts have experience in acting as legal counsels and as arbitrators in domestic and international arbitration proceedings. Further, we assist our clients in alternative dispute resolution and conflict management processes.

Our dispute resolution practice experts team up with experts from Lexia’s other practices when needed, to give the client the best possible team to work with.

Our services include

  • Conflict management and conflict avoidance services
  • Early case evaluation process
  • Acting as external counsels in all dispute resolution processes (e.g. litigation, arbitration, mediation)
  • Acting as arbitrators and mediators
  • Criminal proceedings and corporate liability

Our team

Kenneth Svartström, Peter Jaari, Saku Knuuti, Roosa Suutari, Arto Kaikkonen, Tomi Korpiola, Samuli Koskela, Jaana Koukkari, Jari Maaranen and Janne Röytiö.

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