Antti Korpela

Counsel, Helsinki

Contact Details


Mobile: +358502067

Email: [email protected]


Dispute Resolution

I work in Lexia’s dispute resolution team, where we handle our clients’ litigation and criminal cases in general courts, administrative courts and arbitration proceedings.

I have represented clients in extensive and challenging legal proceedings involving contract and tort law, labor disputes, disputes related to executive employment contracts, and various other conflict matters that businesses or their personnel may encounter at work or in their lives. Additionally, I serve as a counsel in the matters of corporate advisory, assisting clients with contractual, corporate, and labor law issues. In criminal cases, I have acted as counsel for both plaintiffs and defendants in business-related criminal matters, such as insolvency and environmental crimes.

In my opinion, the role of a good lawyer is to assess when it is in the client’s best interest to seek a resolution outside the court through settlement and when it is necessary to pursue a solution through litigation. Understanding the client’s business and being well-versed in the matter helps in finding solutions that best support the business when planning things and assessing business risks. A lawyer who comprehends the client’s business and objectives well can offer suggestions and models that promote business rather than just highlighting risks, especially when drafting contracts or evaluating the impact of plans.

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