Up to 4 clients of Lexia received Business Finland’s Deep Tech Accelerator support!

September 18, 2023

Lexia’s technology team’s growth company clients Elmery, Fepod, ReFaMo and Pixieray are among the first to receive Business Finland’s Deep Tech Accelerator pilot support this year. This support was awarded only to 17 Finnish deep tech companies. It consists of a pure support of €400 000 and a loan of €1 000 000.

We congratulate all the recipients and are delighted to have been able to play a role in helping and protecting the important innovations of these companies:

  • Elmery’s electrochemical process for the separation of precious metals and harmful substances
  • Fepod’s medical device that can measure blood levels of paracetamol, opioids and other painkillers
  • ReFaMo’s application that gives the remaining life of a welded steel structure in real time
  • Pixieray’s revolutionary eyewear for auto-focus and wellness biosensing

For Lexia, start-up and growth companies have always been an important part of our provided services, and this has helped us to understand the various challenges companies face in their early stages. During the growth path, various legal issues often arise, for which it is extremely important to prepare in advance.

Deep tech companies are highly technology-focused businesses, often with roots in academic research.  These companies do not usually aim to quickly enter a large consumer market, but rather focus on solving identified problems and, at their best, can bring about significant change in the world and secure the future of our society.

Lexia’s experienced technology lawyers help to turn innovative ideas into successful growth strategies, and bring support, protection and security to companies on their way to a new success story. Meet our experts >> Team – Lexia

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