Saara Ryhtä becomes a partner at Lexia: ”Legal consultation exists to serve business”

August 22, 2019

Lexia has invited the experienced corporate lawyer, Saara Ryhtä, to become a partner. Saara leads the Corporate Advisory and M&A practice, and Lexia’s business unit for ongoing services. Ongoing services are a strategically significant part of Lexia’s business.

”Lexia has made major strategic decisions over the last three years, pushing even harder in the direction I favored when I joined the company. It’s great to be building Lexia’s strategy and transformation of the whole industry as a partner,” comments Saara.

Samuli Koskela, the CEO of Lexia, characterizes Saara as a highly experienced corporate lawyer and business executive. Before joining Lexia, Saara had a long career in the corporate world, for example, with Fujitsu Finland as the director of legal and commercial functions and a member of the management team.

”Clients appreciate Saara’s unique experience in corporate law, uncompromising client-oriented approach, and a clear perspective on business. As a leader, Saara is experienced, and her know-how is highly valued among both juniors and experienced colleagues at Lexia,” states Samuli.

During Saara’s career at Fujitsu, the ICT sector switched to service purchases based on the concept of fully outsourced, scalable, and fixed price services. Clients could forget about their IT-related worries and focus on their businesses.

”Client-driven development of service concepts was already widely introduced in the IT sector 20 years ago – the same approach is now emerging in legal firms,” says Saara.

Many companies need legal support, but traditional ways of seeking such expertise do not always work. It can be challenging to find a legal recruit who understands all the required areas of law, and buying support one project at a time is burdensome.

”With Lexia, clients get to cherry pick. They have a lawyer who understands the client’s business, serving as the contact person and named legal advisor, making the full expertise of a large legal firm available via a familiar face,” continues Saara.

Legal services that open doors

Traditionally, a lawyer’s telephone rings when a crisis has already begun or is at least breaking out. Through a partnership, an expert well-versed in the client’s business can identify legal openings for realizing growth, as well as solving legal issues. Crises are minimized when problems are identified in good time and addressed pre-emptively.

“I’ve always been a corporate and business lawyer. I am business-driven in everything I do. Legal services are there to serve businesses, not the other way around,” says Ryhtä.

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