Property Asset Management

We assist domestic and international real estate investment companies and housing production companies.

Our management of real property is based on professionals with knowledge of advanced financing arrangements and their possibilities. We serve investors, property owners and property developers individually and reliably.

The construction and real property industries have been among our focus areas from the beginning, and we have been developing our legal expertise and industry know-how in the long term in order to meet the requirements of our customers in different positions in a practical manner that creates true added value.

Our services

We offer legal advice to constructors, property owners, contractors, financiers and consultants in different property development projects and property transactions. We work in a solution-oriented, practical and professional manner.

  • Purchase agreements and project management
  • Project financing
  • Project advisory and risk analysis
  • Alterations of use and building preservation
  • Zoning and land use
  • Prevention of disputes
  • Strategic transaction planning
  • Legal due diligence for property transactions
  • Establishment of property funds
  • Financing and securitisation
  • Project structuring
  • Project tax planning
  • Agreements for investments, financing, projects and management
  • Service agreements and rental
  • Individual property transactions
  • Domestic and international sales of and other arrangements for property complexes
  • Sale and leaseback arrangements
  • Trials related to property matters
  • Sales related to insolvency

Our team

Samuli Koskela, Olli Kotila, Arto Kaikkonen, Jaana Koukkari and Jari Maaranen.

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