“Part of Turku’s history is recommissioned” – opening celebration for our Turku office held on November 2, 2017

November 6, 2017

The opening celebration of our office in the Reuter building next to the Turku Cathedral was held on November 2nd. At the same time, Lauri Kattelus, Chairman of the Turku Council, inaugurated the recommissioning of the building.

“It is very fitting that our new office is located specifically in the historic building built for a former President of the Turku Court. The Reuter building is part of Turku’s dynamic history, and we are excited to be here to continue our expansion in Turku and the southwest region of Finland,” notes Lawyer Aleksi Lundén.


The official inaugural address of the recommissioning of the Reuter building was presented by Lauri Kattelus, Chairman of the Turku Council.


The over 150-year-old Reuter building was originally built in 1861–1863 for the President of the Turku Court, Carl Procopé. The building was designed by architects Georg Theodor Chiewitz and Frans Lüchou.


Ownership of the Reuter building was transferred to Åbo Akademi University Foundation back in the 1920s, and since then the building has housed, among others, Åbo Akademi University’s Faculty of Social Science, Business and Economics, the University’s library and the Faculty of Theology.


The building was restored in 2016–2017, and, in addition to us, the other new lessees in the beautiful building include the Matti Takala architectural office.


Additional information:

Tuija Hirvonen, Communications Coordinator, tel. +358 40 1366 711, tuija.hirvonen@lexia.fi



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