Settlement Apartments Ltd, Settlement Residental Apartments Ltd

“Bold operations require solid legal expertise”

In the video about the case, Kimmo Rönkä presents the bases of our co-operation and the help desk service organised by Lexia.

Settlement Apartments Ltd is a communal real estate developer. Settlement develops housing that is humane and inclusive and acknowledges the skills and talents of people.

Settlement Apartments Ltd is a developer of communities, an expert in providing various housing services and a producer of socially sustainable housing.

Settlement Apartments Ltd and Settlement Residental Apartments Ltd are developers and owners of rental flats and right-of-occupancy homes. The dwellings are inhabited by people in different stages of life. The companies genuinely work for the public good with solid social responsibility. Their operations are directed by the boards of the companies, which also include representatives of the inhabitants and the Finnish Federation of Settlement Houses as the owner. Settlement Apartments Ltd  is a member of Arvo, the Finnish Association for Social Enterprises.

The service concept of Settlement Apartments Ltd includes a building-specific community coordinator who provides support for inhabitants who are not capable of independent living. The housing is all about communal spirit and co-operation and accepting responsibility for yourself and your neighbours. Living alone does not mean that you have to be lonely.

Lexia provides Settlement Apartments Ltd and Settlement Residental Apartments Ltd comprehensive legal advice, including law-related assignments and a help desk service.

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