Added value and legal treats as extra toppings

It is quite common for companies to only consult a lawyer when the milk has already been spilled. Kotipizza Group and Lexia decided to try a different strategy.

“In the spring of 2015, we went public and decided to adopt a new, more comprehensive model of co-operation, which introduced lawyers to the business planning processes. This requires lawyers with a new mindset, expertise and the right kind of attitude”, explains Tommi Tervanen, CEO of Kotipizza Group.

“We listen to our clients and try to constantly learn more about their business and the changes in their environment. This approach allows us to make our legal expertise available to Kotipizza in a completely new way”, shares Mikko Räsänen, a lawyer and partner at Lexia and the chairperson of the company’s board.

Partnership agreement creates and requires trust

After signing a partnership agreement, Kotipizza now has appointed key persons at its service. In addition, Kotipizza can make use of the expertise of our specialised lawyers when they need something special. We have advised Kotipizza on topics such as trademarks and market law.

Our flat monthly fee makes the co-operation cost-efficient and financially predictable. Our co-operation currently runs so deep that we have appointed a lawyer to participate in the meetings of Kotipizza’s Board and executive group. We provide Corporate Advisory services, offer our views on business plans and make predictions on the legal implications of decisions.

“Now that Kotipizza is listed on the main list as the only franchise company subject to public regulation, we are even more proud of the trust we have gained. However, we need to earn this trust every day. In this respect, the operating model is very similar to running a franchise business, where responsible co-operation with the whole chain is key. Our objective is to help Kotipizza achieve success”, asserts Räsänen.

Helping Kotipizza with Pizzataxi acquisition

Kotipizza acquired the entire business of Helsingin Pizzapalvelu Oy in February 2017. The company’s chain of Pizzataxi restaurants, composed of 22 restaurants in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and Southern Finland, will be made a part of the Kotipizza chain. The sales of the Pizzataxi chain in 2016 amounted to some EUR 6 million. Counsel Olli Kotila participated in the planning of the structure of the acquisition and acted as an advisor in the negotiations.

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