Sirpa Otsola

Counsel, attorney-at-law, Master of Laws with court training, Turku

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Housing, Construction & Environment

I specialize in real estate and housing disputes. I deal with liability and dispute resolution issues relating to construction defects, damp damage, indoor air and mold damage, and liability issues between a housing association and a shareholder. In addition, I deal with issues relating to the dissolution of joint ownership of apartments and real estate, and agreements to divide the possession between joint owners.

My clients include private individuals, housing associations and their representatives, property managers and companies. I am also an experienced educator who is happy to offer my skills through educational courses.

Housing transactions sometimes come with unpleasant surprises. There are typical situations where a defect or damage – of which neither party was aware – occurs only after the transaction.

Among the problems that arise in the context of housing transactions, defects related to the characteristics of the dwelling, such as damp and mold, are also common. In the case of damp damage in particular, issues of maintenance liability often require extensive investigation. It is advisable to seek expert advice as early as possible because the financial responsibilities involved can become significant. We all know that there is no place like home, and I want to help in any way I can in such an important matter.

In disputes, I try to give the client a realistic assessment of the chances of success and explore with the client the possibilities of finding an amicable solution. Where settlement is not possible for one reason or another, I am willing to go to whatever length to seek the best possible outcome for the litigation and case.

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