Continuous business support

Continuous service allows us to engage in deeper collaboration with the client than we could with a case-based assignment. We assign an account manager for your company, a lawyer who becomes thoroughly familiar with your company’s business and goals. The account manager is responsible for making sure that you get the best support and advice for your different situations. We take a proactive approach in supporting your company to achieve its goals and to minimize its risks.

The service plan you create together with the assigned account manager will cover the content and duration that meets your needs for an agreed fixed monthly fee. Continuous service is convenient and cost predictable for you. Knowing that we have your back and will handle the legal issues gives you the peace of mind to focus on your own core business.

Situations can change suddenly. That is why our continuous service also comes with resources for unforeseen situations, and the service plan can be changed when needed. We are flexible and accommodating.

The account manager brings together the right Lexia people for each task. With access to Lexia’s more than 70 experts, you don’t need to worry about their expertise, management, or familiarity with your business. You save time and effort.

We take the time to understand your company’s vision and strategy. When we know where you are heading, we can anticipate issues that will need attention along the way, and you can focus on the essential.

We report on the completed and upcoming tasks at agreed intervals. We actively suggest ways to make legal- and contract-related issues a key success factor for your company. Transparency makes for effortless upward reporting, e.g. to your company’s Board. We help you succeed.

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