Healthcare and Life Sciences

Healthcare and the life sciences are among the fastest-growing sectors of business law services.

These are particularly challenging areas of law due to their interdisciplinary nature, excessive regulation and internationality. The recent debate and forthcoming changes due to Finland’s social welfare and healthcare reform are also shaping the outlook of the sector.

We are experts in the industry’s regulations and can assist in disputes. Our know-how covers all aspects of the sector. Our customers include Finland’s largest public service operator, HUS (The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa), and the country’s biggest private-sector player, Attendo. We also have a lot of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, in which we are justly regarded as experts.

New startups and innovative services are continuously emerging in the sector, due to the growing trend in well-being and self-care. We have enabled the success of several startups and growth companies in the industry.

Digitalisation is transforming the healthcare sector, bringing new patient information systems and therapies, while challenging traditional ideas and practices. Legislation is also changing in this respect. Lexia is at the forefront of monitoring this transition and helping customers to succeed in the changing business environment.

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