ICT and Technology

Our customers appreciate the fact that, rather than just drawing up the terms and conditions of contracts, we advise them on how to focus on business-critical issues.

We understand the kinds of legal changes that digitalisation is bringing to our customers’ business activities.

Deeper understanding of the customer, finding the best possible commercial solution from the customer’s perspective and exploring new horizons can only succeed on the basis of our kind of experience and business-centred thinking.

We have exceptionally strong expertise in the ICT sector: our senior-level attorneys have experience of both the buyer’s and the seller’s side of the table in major, multinational organisations. We have been involved in several major IT outsourcing projects alongside companies such as LocalTapiola, Finnair and MTV Media, bringing our broad business perspective to the mix, as well as our mastery of legal issues. Our experience enables us to advise our customers on what to outsource and what to keep in-house. We spar with the customer on the choices involved in such projects.

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