The financial sector includes companies that provide their customers with banking, insurance and financial services. Overlapping services and the international nature of the financial markets pose a challenge to legal professionals and the provision of precisely targeted, financial legal services.

The insurance sector is all about risk management.

We reduce the risk faced by companies in the sector and help our customers to achieve their financial objectives by providing smart structural solutions and effective financing models.

The financial sector is in transformation due to technological development.

Fintech is challenging established players to rethink their operations, while enabling the entry of agile new players and brand new business models. Strong regulation of the traditional sector has curbed the agility of big players, while providing new ones with an exciting opportunity to enter the markets. This transition requires and is partly causing changes in financial legislation.

Many of the lawyers on our team have been involved in bodies devising regulations for the sector, or in firms drawing up the related standard terms and conditions. We provide services to both Finnish and overseas players.

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