Tomi Korpiola

Partner, Head of Practice, Helsinki

Contact Details

Tel: +358 10 4244 219

Mobile: +358 50 593 4511



Labour Law

Tomi Korpiola is a good all around labour lawyer. Good experienced lawyer, does what he promises efficiently and is not afraid to say if client is acting against their own best interest.

Tomi Korpiola and Kenneth Svartström are truly customer-oriented experts who know how to analyze the situation quickly and give business-oriented instructions.Clas Palmberg, CEO, Woikoski Ltd.

I am the head of employment law team. I am responsible for handling assignments related to labor law and have assisted our clients for many years in all labor law-related issues, such as employment and director agreements, cooperation procedures, labor issues emerging in M&As, and in planning controlled workforce reductions. I represent our clients also in various employment-related disputes.

My approach is to gain a full understanding of the client’s personnel matters. This way, I can provide quick practical advice and action recommendations early on so that potential disputes can be avoided. My goal is for our clients to be able to focus on their business and their success.

I think that a good labor law attorney must also understand how a company’s personnel should be managed from the business perspective.

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