Markus Blom

Chief Commercial Officer, Turku

Contact Details


Mobile: +358 40 572 3959

Email: [email protected]


My responsibilities include driving Lexia’s growth and operational management. I also act as team leader for the sales, marketing, communications, and customer service team.

I have a long track record in various types of sales and client experience development leadership roles. I am very entrepreneurial and passionate about my work. My strengths include extensive networks, business experience in a wide range of industries and the ability to listen to customers and find solutions.

Our mission at lexia is to lead the way within our industry in client centricity and bring measurable value to our clients businesses.

We always tailor our services to the client’s business needs, either for individual projects or by providing planned, ongoing business support in Finland and, if needed, internationally.

If you want the best legal experience for your company and the most reliable partner, please contact us to arrange a meeting.

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