Jukka Jaakkola

Chief Commercial Officer, Helsinki

Contact Details


Mobile: +358 40 621 7221

Email: jukka.jaakkola@lexia.fi


Sales and Client Experience, Member of Management Team

It is my passion to help customers to succeed – and this is also Lexia’s goal. I am responsible for ensuring that we have the most satisfied customers, whose business growth is supported by Lexia’s services. I assist my colleagues in proactively serving our existing and future customers. Not only do we help customers in smoothly resolving specific issues, we also offer a genuine partnership of support in helping them to achieve their goals in the longer term too.

Throughout my career I’ve had the pleasure of working with industry professionals in companies offering high quality expert services. I have been responsible for customer accounts and in charge of expert work and sales for a long time. I have gained experience in customers’ needs and views from all industries and from companies of different sizes. Together with Lexia’s professionals, I want to bring about customer-centric change throughout the entire sector.

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