Samuli Koskela is Lexia Attorneys’ new CEO

May 9, 2017


One of Finland’s fastest growing next-generation law firm Lexia is renewing its management to correspond with changes in the business environment and to meet client needs in the digital era.


Samuli Koskela has been appointed Lexia’s new CEO as of May 9, 2017. At the same time, Lexia’s Founding Partner and long-time CEO Mikko Räsänen will become Chairman of the Board and will be responsible for Lexia’s strategy and for development of new value-driven business models.


“In the evolution of the legal industry, client demands have also changed. Lexia too must continuously renew in the way required by the business environment, and we must examine our operations from the client’s eye perspective,” Mikko Räsänen says.


For the past five years Lexia has been one of Finland’s fastest growing law firms. Ensuring profitable growth we must invest in the leadership, capabilities and organizational culture. According to Samuli Koskela, the renewals support the firm’s business, stimulate quicker decision making, and ensure the ability to meet the wishes of clients, personnel and other stakeholders.


“Solid legal expertise and an understanding of the client’s business are the essence of Lexia. We have the courage to take a stand and to seek innovative solutions that generate measurable commercial advantage and added value for our clients,” says CEO Samuli Koskela.


Koskela has been a Lexia partner since 2005 and Chairman of the Board since 2013.


New roles in the Board and the Management Team

Chaired by Mikko Räsänen, the Board will focus on developing Lexia’s future vision, building the strategy,  and creating even better solutions to drive Lexia’s and its clients’ businesses. Continuing as a Board member is Olli Kiuru, responsible for international affairs and compliance. Starting as a new Board member is Partner Markus Myhrberg, who brings insight particularly with regards to digitalization-related projects.


As part of Lexia’s new Management Team, Samuli Koskela is responsible for finances and strategy implementation, Jukka Jaakkola for client development and sales, and Maria Hämäläinen for HR.


Pekka HeikkonenAri RahkonenKim Hanslin and Petteri Waldén will continue on the Advisory Board, providing support for the Board and the Managing Director.


Additional information: 

CEO, Partner, Attorney at Law, Samuli Koskela, tel. +358 40 588 8323, [email protected]

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