Saku Knuuti appointed Senior Associate – Lexia strengthens is expertise in extensive dispute resolution and criminal cases

February 28, 2020

Saku Knuuti, an attorney specializing in dispute and criminal cases and in corporate law, has been appointed Senior Associate, effective 1.1.2020. Saku will help to develop Lexia’s trial expertise in dispute and complainant cases.

Saku Knuuti joined Lexia’s dispute and resolution team in January. Saku was previously responsible for significant dispute and criminal cases at other law firms and is excited to have the opportunity to work on cases involving an extensive and diverse range of clients.

“I have a burning desire to further develop in my work, and it seemed that Lexia has the best opportunities for that. I work with multiple experienced colleagues here, so this is a great opportunity to learn more. My own criminal law expertise is a good fit with the team,” Saku says.  

Disputes and conflicts are a routine part of business. Disputes are frequently resolved with relative ease, but sometimes external help is needed. A lawyer who has a good eye for the game and knows the company’s business plays a key role in conflict resolution.

“Saku has previously handled very extensive legal proceedings, so all the expertise he gained in those cases is now available to our clients. His expertise makes us better equipped to handle extensive dispute issues and criminal cases from the perspective of all parties,” notes Kenneth Svartström, Head of the dispute resolution practice. 

Our dispute resolution experts help clients in all business-related conflicts. The work starts with a diagnosis of the conflict; the strategy selected is based on the client’s goals and always with the aim for an effective solution. The goal is to minimize the impacts the conflict has on business, customer relations, the work environment, as well as on one’s personal life.

“My approach is very customer-oriented, and that too is why it was easy to join Lexia,” Saku notes.

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