Fintech and the virtual platform economy are challenging traditional, heavily regulated courses of action, laws and authority practices. We are standing at the front lines of the change – for your benefit.

The most common risks for fintech companies include:

  • Restrictions related to regulation
  • Unwillingness among companies and institutions for adopting the new technology
  • Changing consumer behaviour
  • Receiving funding

Our experts’ versatile practical experience in the industry offers an excellent foundation for developing profitable business for our clients on the rapidly changing market. We have knowledge of the industry’s general regulation and the provisions related to new types of financial instruments. We are closely monitoring the changes in legislation and providing our own opinions in order to support our clients’ business.

Leading the way obliges us

The industry is developing at a rapid pace and the regulators are having trouble keeping up. In order to succeed, the management of a fintech company needs to ask why, what and how they are innovating. The answer should be in the form of a viable growth strategy and a protected digital platform. Developing the customer experience is no longer enough; you need to stay at the forefront of innovation.

We have also chosen digitalisation as Lexia’s own strategy, which is why we are aiming to be pioneers in all aspects of this area. We can offer you tailor-made services from one of the industry’s best practices.

Our services

  • Fin-FSA authorisation and license matters
  • Finance regulation matters
  • Finance compliance services

Our team

Katariina Pesonen, Emilia Lostedt, Jesse Kinnaslampi, Hanna Huttunen, Mikko Koskinen, Ville Välimaa and Oili Palsila.

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