Financial Services

Experienced team with wide knowledge and willingness to understand customers’ business goals.

We do not only know market practices; we are also involved in creating them. We maintain good relations with the key actors in the field and the supervisory authorities. We make major decisions a little easier.

Our expertise in insurance covers the entire spectrum of insurance operations, from product design and development to disputes concerning insurance compensation. In challenging situations, we have assisted our clients in compensation matters even before the actual decision was made. We know the various different products in the insurance industry and have managed several large international claims.

Strategic advice for major decisions

Our experts in financial services have a long experience in finance and insurance advisory: regulation matters, designing and localising financial products, applying FSA licences, matters related to contractual advice and general business advice and dispute resolution. Our international networks offer an advantage for the successful completion of international assignments.

Our services

  • Finance industry contracts
  • Insurance terms
  • Insurance industry trials
  • Financing mechanisms for corporate transactions
  • Questions related to regulation in the finance industry
  • Jurisprudence in capital investments
  • Jurisprudence in the stock market

Our team

Katariina Pesonen, Hanna Huttunen, Mikko Koskinen, Ville Välimaa, Emilia Lostedt, Jesse Kinnaslampi and Oili Palsila.

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