Merger control

October 13, 2017

The correct assessment of merger regulations is part of a successful acquisition. The company acquisition may require approval from the competition authorities; this in turn can mean completing a time-consuming notification process with uncertain results.


Complex acquisitions may require that conditional changes approved by the authority are made. At other times, a company acquisition that appears problematic is approved via an individual exception. Cross-border company acquisitions may require that the notification process is started in several countries at the same time.


The expected end result, needs for change and the scope of the process must be reliably assessed at the planning stage. Correct timing is a key part of a successful company acquisition.


Thorough knowledge of the regulations concerning acquisitions and the competition authorities’ assessment conventions is essential. Mika Oinonen has worked for the company acquisition team of the Finnish competition authority and he has been responsible for drafting the assessment guidelines for company acquisitions. Mika has also drawn up the assessment guidelines for the Ukrainian competition authority, among others.

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