Lexia has appointed Susanna Sariola as a partner

August 22, 2019

Lexia has invited Susanna Sariola, a veteran expert in corporate law, to become a partner. Susanna has been working for Lexia since 2017. Before then, she had a long career as a lawyer.

”Legal advice is not valuable in itself, but it supports and enables business. The lawyer must also understand that different clients have different needs. For me, the best aspect of Lexia is being able to work with a broad range of issues and enterprises, from start-ups to large listed companies,” says Susanna.

Lexia’s CEO, Samuli Koskela, characterizes Susanna as a specialist in international and challenging contracts.

”Combined with her outstandingly deep expertise in cross-border contracts, Susanna’s long experience of corporate law supports Lexia’s strategy of fostering a combination of legal and business expertise,” says Samuli.

Susanna has pursued a long career in senior legal roles in various business areas within Microsoft, Nokia, and Kone. She has also served in the management teams of several businesses. Her core expertise continues to reside in technology and IPR issues, international contracts, product business, and sourcing.

”It’s fun to see how the same strengths serve both business and legal activities. There has been no need to add a traditional office role since many clients prefer a relaxed but professional approach,” says Susanna.

“Lexia’s clients appreciate that we don’t just create contractual terms but focus on issues that matter for the business. Experience and business-centered approach open further understanding of clients’ needs, help to find the best solution, and open new perspectives,” Susanna continues.

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