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Union Investment’s Finnish tenancy agreements were updated to include eco-efficient contractual clauses

Union Investment is an asset management company that offers a wide selection of investment solutions in numerous asset classes and various areas internationally. Union Investment is a future-oriented company that operates globally and has more than 50 years of experience in property management. The company manages assets worth more than 30 billion.

Lexia serves as Union Investment’s legal adviser in Finland. We assist Union Investment, with a particular focus on legal questions concerning investments in commercial premises and property management.

As part of a broader project concerning tenancy agreement documents for commercial premises, Lexia has also incorporated eco-efficient contractual clauses into Union Investment’s standard tenancy agreements for Finland.

Green lease clauses contribute to making the goals of tenants and lessors more sustainable. Eco-efficiency also boosts the value of properties. By making use of eco-efficient contractual clauses in tenancy agreements for commercial premises, operators have the opportunity to improve the energy-efficiency of the built environment and emphasise the environmental values of the property business in a profitable manner that takes into account the interests of all parties.

More information about the green lease clauses from the attached press release -link.

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