Savonlinna Opera Festival

Savonlinna Opera Festival is emotionally moving, sparks discussions, and entertains

The melodramatic and tragic turns of opera, however, are kept to the stage and behind the scenes, while the legal affairs are handled with no added drama.

Savonlinna Opera Festival is an internationally acclaimed Finnish cultural event and one of the world’s premiere opera festivals. Every year more than 60,000 spectators from around Finland and the world come to watch the performances at the Olavinlinna castle and to enjoy the atmosphere of the Opera Festival.

Innovativeness, creativity and a high level of professionalism are a central part of the Opera Festival’s success story; Lexia’s success leans on these same values too, so partnering with Savonlinna Opera Festival felt like a natural choice.

We are Savonlinna Opera Festival’s legal partner and have assisted the festival in issues related to contractual, labor and association law.

As an Opera Festival partner, we want to showcase internationally successful Finnish expertise as a paradigm and incentive for future success stories.

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