AKL, the Finnish Central Organisation for Motor Trades and Repairs

We offer legal services for the members of AKL

Our Help Desk services are available to the members of the Finnish Central Organisation for Motor Trades and Repairs. Timo Niemi, Legal Director at AKL, talks of the fundamentals and experiences of the cooperation.

Timo Niemi talks of the fundamentals and experiences of the cooperation:

Our Legal Help Desk offers the members of AKL business-related legal services.

Legal Help Desk for members of AKL

Additional value. Knowledge of relevant legislation is a part of the expertise offered by a car sale and repair business, and it offers a substantial competitive edge. The advice service covers all areas of business law.

Special matters. The advice offered by our experts focuses on the following subject areas: consumer protection, marketing and contract law, car sales and repair activities, remote sales and online trade as well as customer information management and privacy protection.

Simplicity. The service is free of charge for members of AKL. If we are unable to find a solution to a question in the Help Desk service, we will inform the client and propose that they make a separate assignment. We offer our legal services to member companies for a special price.

Privacy protection guide to ensure the correct processing of customer information

Lexia collaborated with AKL to prepare a privacy protection guide about the use of customer information in the automotive business.

The processing of customer information and other personal data is subject to strict regulations. Our objective was to provide AKL member companies with information on the legislation concerning the processing of personal information and the best related practices. This allows AKL to enhance the use of customer information, thereby benefiting operators in the field and offering additional value to customers.

We will continue to monitor the development of legislation and operating models for the benefit of AKL. When necessary, we will add further details to the guide, for example, once we learn more about the practical impact of the EU’s Data Protection Regulation. The EU’s Data Protection Regulation will enter into force in spring 2018, and the importance of privacy protection in companies will increase.

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