Business-oriented jurisprudence spurs competitiveness – Saara Ryhtä is developing Lexia’s Continuous Service concept

July 4, 2018

Business-oriented jurisprudence spurs competitiveness - Lexia

As a former general counsel, Saara Ryhtä is very familiar with the everyday challenges encountered by our client companies. In fact, one of the goals of Continuous Service is to facilitate the everyday operations of our clients by offering business-oriented, proactive legal services for a fixed monthly fee.   


“A proactive approach, an in-depth understanding of the client’s business, and the management of entities is a must today also in the legal sector. Not only does a systematic activity support the business in the best possible way, it’s more efficient than handling individual assignments and it provides a competitive advantage,” Saara says.

We spur client competitiveness

Continuous Service starts by getting familiar with the client’s business. Based on the review, a service plan is created together with the client.


The client account manager works as the client’s own lawyer, gaining the most in-depth knowledge about the client’s people, targets and ways of operating. The account manager personally takes care of the client’s legal issues and, if necessary, coordinates the assignment of tasks to other Lexia’s experts. The account manager chooses the best experts for each situation and briefs the lawyers on details of the client relationship: the client doesn’t have to figure out who would be the best expert for their needs in different situations or repeatedly have to explain their business targets and practices to new lawyers.


This is convenient for the client and a rewarding way to work for us lawyers. We proactively support the company in achieving its goals and in minimizing risks: carefully practiced jurisprudence spurs the company’s competitiveness,” Saara says.


Continuous Service covers all areas of commercial law. We proceed in accordance with a service plan made based on the review, but of course we also handle the client’s daily legal issues.  The account manager is responsible for development of the client relationship, for monitoring changes in the client’s industry, and for advising when and how to react to, e.g., legislative amendments that impact the industry.

70 experts on hand to serve companies of all sizes

Continuous Service is for companies of all sizes.


“For large companies, we can provide Continuous Service for the overall area of commercial law or for a specific area for which the company’s own legal department doesn’t have either the time or the expertise. SMEs may have laborious or repetitive legal issues to take care of; in those cases, the old-fashioned assignment-based approach doesn’t produce the best outcome. We handle the jurisprudence with a service tailored specifically to the client so that they can focus on their own core business,” Saara summarizes.


“In addition to a designated account manager, the entire team of 70 Lexia experts is available to the client without the client having to worry about the expertise, management or orientation of these experts. We, in turn, take a careful look at the client’s legal needs and participate in building the client’s success. This is naturally motivating also for us, as we get to see the results of our work from a completely different perspective compared to traditional attorney work,” Saara says.


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